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IPhone Logic Board Microsoldering Repair

We fix broken logic board connectors, blown backlight circuits, motherboard charging problems, and bring dead phones back to life.

Samsung Logic Board Repair

Broken connectors, not charging, no power boards and chip off data recovery.

General Circuit Board Microsoldering Repair

We've fixed all kinds of circuit boards!  Drone camera gimbal circuit boards, old Atari systems, medical equipment, a skee ball machine, the bowling alley lane oiler, security system circuit boards, and a fuel injection motherboard, even a sentimental electronic cookie jar.  Anything that is broken on a circuit board can be resoldered if we can source the component!.

IPhone/Samsung Hardware Data Recovery

We make dead phones work enough to allow the only path possible for data recovery on modern devices—native decryption of the data by communication of the native chips on the board.